Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beware of ‘Idiots’ On The Road –

What’s Good!

The website is nice looking but more importantly, the intention behind it is noble. All of us have good Ideas, but a very small percentage actually gets down to implementing them. Along the lines of Janagraaha’s ipaidabribe, the website will draw its power from the masses. Classic Web 2.0!

What’s Bad!

There isn’t anything wrong with the site per se, but there are certain limitations. Its reliance on user contribution can only take it so far. Besides it doesn’t achieve its purpose of actually identifying the ‘Idiots’. Even if the users tirelessly post photos and videos and its database burgeons into something of the order of lakhs of photos and videos, it would do nothing. Unless there was a way for it to actually identify the ‘Idiots’ in some manner (social media profiles?). Even after discounting the technical difficulties of achieving that for the sake of argument there are problems. Privacy and the fact that a very small percentage of our population actually is on social networks.

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