Sunday, November 7, 2010

BMW 7 Series’ Integrated GPS To Be Powered By MapmyIndia Maps

For Indians before Google Maps, there was MapMyIndia. The New Delhi based company has announced that the GPS navigation system in BMW’s 7 series will be powered by MapMyIndia. The navigation system called ‘BMW Navigation Professional’ will be a standard part of BMW’s flagship 7 series model and could be extended to others thereafter.

BMW 7 series

MapMyIndia prides itself on having one of the most accurate and detailed solutions to India’s last mile navigation problems. It has approximately 3 million Points of Interest across 50 categories such as hotels, ATMs, petrol pumps, restaurants etc. The maps span 902 Indian cities and over a million kilometers of highways and roads connecting over 574,000 towns and villages across the country. The content is updated twice in a year.

As far as BMW’s Navigation Professional is concerned – the MapMyIndia maps – will store locations of BMW dealerships for after-sales and service throughout India. The bi-annual map updates will be available at these dealerships, ensuring that the data is current and comprehensive. A destination can be set by one of three methods – Previously visited locations, intuitive spelling entry or through their PIN codes. Based on the current location, the system will proceed to provide turn by turn directions to the destination.

Overall I think it is great that the luxury car segment is making the shift to integrated GPS navigation systems. But as someone who lives in Bangalore, where one-ways and routes can change several times in a day, and will almost certainly change over a period of a few months. I wonder if 2 updates a year is enough. I wouldn’t want to be driving in the opposite direction on a way street, especially in a BMW!

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