Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can Apple’s iPhone Succeed Where Google’s NexusOne Failed?

The GigaOM post goes on to say that the SIM which will be embedded in a chip with a flash component and a ROM area. The former will be upgradeable  and will receive carrier related data through a local connection. While the latter will have data provided by Gemalto, related to IT and network security. It all sounds very Europe-centric at the moment and the NexusOne has already exposed the unwillingness of the average American consumer to pay full price for the phone. How Asia and specifically India fit into this picture will only become clearer in the future, if at all.

Whether it is out of hubris or just down to being Apple, the Cupertino giant has rarely bothered about who it might annoy as a result of its actions. Many believe that Google succumbed because a blow-out with the carriers at that stage could have been a deadly blow to its Android Platform. But can Apple really risk souring its relations with most carriers? Exclusivity is one thing, but attacking their business model may invite a different kind of backlash.

There’s another side to this story which I’m surprised no one has brought up yet, it would only increase Apple’s control over their eco-system. If it happens of course!

Do you think this ‘SIM’ is real? And with it will Apple once again change the dynamics of the Mobile Industry?

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