Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Facebook Apps Transfer User IDs To Companies – More Security Issues

More security concerns

According to the article, the applications on Facebook have been providing information like people’s names and in some cases, even their friends’ names, to advertising and internet tracking companies. What we are talking about here is over 10 million Facebook users whose personal information is at stake. Applications and games, especially like Zynga and Farmville which are played by millions of Facebook users have been found to give out information. Though this is in violation to Facebook rules, it still brings to question the security of a user on the social networking website.

Facebook blocks LOLapps

Though the exact cause for this has not yet been confirmed, Facebook has blocked LOLapps, one of the leading application developers on Facebook. Facebook states that such an action was taken due to violation of terms. The violation in question here is not confirmed but there is reason to believe that it is the security issue mentioned above which is the cause for this block.

With the number of applications of Facebook, and users adding applications on a daily basis, how will you be safe on Facebook? Do you think you are safe on Facebook?

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