Sunday, November 14, 2010

First look: Twezr, really great social contacts for iPhone

You’ve never seen a contact list like Twezr, a free iPhone app that launched tonight.

This one shows a list of your friends or business contacts, just like contacts usually do.

But this one shows you whether those contacts have emailed you. Or if they’ve sent you a Facebook message. Or if they’ve DM’d you on Twitter.

This totally transforms your contact list and makes it a lot more useful.

Here, read what the Next Web has to say about it.

I interviewed the CEO, Delip Andra, about what Twezr is and how it works. I find it to be a great new example of how apps are starting to add value by connecting other services together. Really great, and is real innovation to contacts.

Yes, it’s only for iPhone right now, but a similar system is out for Android from Aro Mobile. I have a video of that, too, here:

So, why are these new mobile contact managers so important? Because it’s so hard to see everything someone sends you. Lots of people switch between sending me Facebook messages, for instance, and emails.

What does it do?

It shows you a list of your friends, but they are arranged by who has sent you recent messages. It shows you whether there’s email, DMs on Twitter, or Facebook messages. It also lets you search through all of those.

Finally, it doesn’t ignore SMS or phone numbers. Shows you everything in a unified contact list. Really great.

What do you think?

UPDATE: One major argument against using these kinds of services is that you need to put your Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook user names and passwords into it. That’s nasty. Why not use oAuth? But we did cover that in the video a bit.

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