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Google launches official Chrome extensions for Calendar, Docs, YouTube

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Google today has launched official Chrome extensions for Google Calendar, Docs and YouTube. Though there are already over 8,000 extensions in the Chrome Extensions Gallery, a lot of the real value of Chrome comes from it’s native integration into Google’s other products, so, and already great browser just got that much better.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the new extensions do:


Easily check your (extension link) in Chrome as well as add Facebook or Evite events to your calendar if you see a green + signWill show map if there is a location assoicated with the event that Chrome can detect.

YouTube Feed

Extension linkNotifies you whenever new videos show up in your YouTube feedDirect access to uploaded videos from friends. right in Chrome


Also, Google has updated the Blog This, Google Calendar Checker and News Reader extensions as well. Chrome has been added Extensions pretty rapidly, and back in July added extensions for accessibility. Also, if you’re a reader of this blog, we highly recommend that you install our very own Chrome extension to keep on top of all of our news!

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