Friday, November 12, 2010

India’s First 3D Phone From Spice Mobility – View D

I had in one of my posts earlier mentioned how I have always been a cheap-phone guy. All my phones have been basic with the most modern function being a camera in the one i carry these days. It has been a conscious effort to stay away from high-end phones and have never fancied a fancy phone. Now, Spice Mobility has come out with India’s first 3D phone in the View D which makes even me wonder if this is fancy cheap-phone, or a cheap fancy-phone.

Fancy cheap-phone

Let us be honest. Spice Mobility phones are not exactly a household name, neither have they been established long enough for customers to pounce upon a new release as opposed to an iPhone 4 . So we are still talking about a low-end phone which is coming out with something innovative to capture the market. The company has plans to sell 20,000 – 30,000 units per month. Optimistic?

Cheap fancy-phone

Lets look at the upside of the phone. Users can view images and videos in 3D without 3D glasses making it a very easy and user-friendly experience. Apart from the 3D experience, you get FM Radio, 2.4 inch 3D display, 2 megapixel camera, and MP3 music player. Users can even remotely delete their data off the phone in case they lose the handset using a ‘remote wipe’ feature. Users can even toggle between 2D and 3D views. All this for just INR 4,299.

Spice Mobile M-67 3D

What does Spice Mobility stand to gain from View D?

Domestic manufacturers like Micromax have proved that the domestic market has a lot of potential for growth for domestic players but the key to survival is innovation. Spice Mobility have picked up on this and have made a big breakthrough in mobile technology. Having said that, the availability of 3D content for mobile phones isn’t much and the user will be left with little choice to watch in 3D.

Let me ask you the question now. Do you think this is a fancy cheap-phone, or a cheap fancy-phone?

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