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Marvel Reveals International ‘Thor’ Release Dates

Thor International Release Dates

Thinking about lining up on May 6th to be one of the first fans in the world to see Thor and Loki battle it out on the big-screen? You might be surprised, and possibly disappointed, to know that over 40 countries will get to see the film before moviegoers in the United States.

According to the official International release schedule for the film Thor will open internationally on April 27th in Belgium, Egypt, and France, with many other countries following shortly after.

Marvel is known for planning ahead. It’s not the first time that Marvel has opened one of their tent-pole pictures to the international crowd before film-goers in the U.S. – as Iron Man 2 followed a similar release schedule. Director Jon Favreau’s heavy-metal follow-up opened on May 7th in the U.S. – with international audiences getting a look at the film starting on April 28th.

Check out the full list of international release dates – to see when Thor is opening in your country. You can also check the official Thor international release site for links to coverage of the film – specific to your region:

North America

Latin America

Argentina – April 28Brazil – April 29Chile – April 28Colombia – April 29Mexico – April 29Panama – April 29Peru – April 28Venezuela – April 29

Middle East / Africa

Egypt – April 27Israel – April 28Lebanon – April 28South Africa – April 29United Arab Emirates – April 28

Asia Pacific

Australia – April 28Hong Kong – April 28India – April 29Indonesia – April 29Japan – July 2Korea – April 28Singapore – April 28Malaysia – April 28New Zealand – April 28Philippines – April 29Taiwan – April 29Thailand – April 29


Austria – April 29Belgium – April 27Croatia – April 28Cyprus – April 29Czech Republic / Slovakia – April 28Denmark – April 28Finland – May 6France – April 27Germany – April 28Greece – April 28Hungary – April 28Iceland – April 29Ireland – April 29Italy – April 29Netherlands – April 29Norway – April 28Poland – April 29Portugal – April 29Romania – April 28Russia – April 29Serbia & Montenegro – April 28Slovenia – April 28Spain – April 28Sweden – April 29Switzerland-French – April 29Switzerland-German – April 27Switzerland-Italian – April 29Turkey – April 29Ukraine – April 28United Kingdom – April 29Thor International Release Dates - Odin "You tell those Americans they can wait."

While some Thor fans might be disappointed that they’ll have to fly to another country to be among the first moviegoers to see Kenneth Branagh’s Marvel superhero installment, the international Thor release will pale in comparison to the irony of the impending Captain America: The First Avenger release schedule.

Personally, I don’t see any problem with Hollywood productions opening in other countries before they hit theaters in the U.S. but I can imagine some die-hard Cap fans won’t be able to resist getting worked up if the titular American hero screens in foreign theaters first.

Thor, as we all know, is actually Scandinavian after-all.

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Thor opens on May 6th in U.S. theaters and a few days earlier almost everywhere else.

Source: Official Thor Site

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