Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mobile Number Portability Delayed – Yes Again! – to 25th November

Honestly, this is a headline that a lot of us are getting quite sick of. But it has happened again. Just a few days back, we were given hope that Mobile Number Portability will be available to subscribers in Haryana from November 1st. At least we can take solace in the fact that the DoT has announced a new deadline, can’t we! November 25th is now the proposed date for MNP to be available in Haryana.

According to the DoT, Operator’s networks have been tested and are ready for the roll out of the service. Applications for the same will be accepted from November 25th and the Government is likely to run ads in the first week of November. In fact, HT reported late last night that on Aug 12th, MoS for Communications and Information Technology, Sachin Pilot had informed the Rajya Sabha that all networks, except MTNL, had been upgraded technically.

MNP-circleWhen will we have mobile Number portability

In order to apply for this. A subscriber will have to send an SMS from their number to 1900. The existing service provider will then provide them with a unique porting code. With this code, the subscriber will apply to the new service provider and be able to switch operators without losing his/her number. According to the Deccan Chronicle the subscriber will have to bear a fee of no more than Rs.19 for the entire process.

Earlier the deadline had shifted from December, 2009 to March, 2010. Followed by revisions which set new deadlines of June 30th and October 31st. None of which were obviously met. With A.Raja announcing last week that November 1st would see the first implementation in the state of Haryana, there was a widespread belief that the wait had finally ended. Despite the fact that there seemed to be no clear cut plan in place for the rollout. This delay just reminds us that we’re running around in ‘circles’ and even the year end Pan-India Implementation may just a pipe dream.

I guess Rajiv’s monicker ‘Mobile Number Postponability’ rings true! Will it finally surface on November 25th? I won’t be holding my breath!..And neither should you.

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