Thursday, November 18, 2010

MTV launches For Insight Into The ‘Universe of Young’

members (109 according to its Facebook Page), from over 10 cities, that were handpicked to be a part of it. Talk about being exclusive!

When I read this I was a little concerned as to how they planned to rely on a group of 100 odd individuals to represent the largest demography of our oh-so-populated country? Turns out, the immediate output of this community is researched by Third Eye and MTV Consumer Insights Desk. Their research will be substantiated by MTV’s own Indian and International Research.

The flash based website, designed like a desk cluttered with gadgets, scribbled notes and money, reminds me of my study table during my hostel days.It is divided into sections like – Youth Talk, College Matters, Laws of Chilling, Career Conflicts etc. A lot of ‘fundas’ interspersed with corny one liners that you would normally see on email/text forwards and more recently, status updates.I did manage to kill 30 minutes on it, reading every leaf, every scribbled note. End result – some laughs and a lot of eye rolling.

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