Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RockeTalk beats Facebook, Twitter and Orkut on Mobile Phones

Mobile Analytics company Informate has released a report on Indian mobile usage and Mobile social networking. What they found, may come as a surprise to many. I may have killed the suspense with the title of this post. Nevertheless, the numbers are interesting.

Using data over a period of six months, the study finds that RockeTalk is the most used mobile social networking application. Orkut comes in at a respectable second. Followed by Qeep, Facebook and Twitter. Airtel reported recently that almost 80% of data usage happens in non metros. If this pattern of usage is similar on other networks, the findings are not too surprising given that the popularity of Facebook and Twitter is mainly restricted to Metros as of now. But yes, It certainly did surprise me!

Mobile App Reach

That the application is designed specifically for mobile usage perhaps explains its popularity. With over 350 million page views per month, 3.2 million Indian users and over 100,000 communities the network draws its main traction from smaller cities and towns across the country.

Social Network Lifecycle

Another interesting angle this story brings up is that Orkut, though fading, is very much alive and kicking in India. It is probably going to take Facebook a lot more time to completely marginalize Orkut as it has done in other countries. Which is probably why it is resorting to things like this. And of course there’s the fact that data used in studies is always a bit dated and a few months is a long time in the viral and very fickle world of social networking. I would be more interested in seeing the long term trend over the next 6-8 months.

If this news has aroused your curiosity about RockeTalk, you can find out how to try the application here.

Will RockeTalk maintain its lead, or is it just a matter of time before it becomes an also-ran in this mobile social networking race? Let us know what you think.

network. There are more than hundred thousand communities on RockeTalk in India alone.350 million page views permonth. The company has also registered a remarkable count of 3.2 million Indian users to itsnetwork. There are more than hundred thousand communities on RockeTalk in India alone.

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