Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zynga’s 250 Million User Base – Advertisers’ Paradise

No matter how much you hate those numerous requests of Farmville you get on Facebook, Zynga will always find users who are interested in Farmville or other games like Mafia Wars. Zynga has had some recent setbacks in the form of a law suit filed on behalf on consumers whose personal information was leaked via games developed by Zynga on Facebook. But if you look at the magnitude of Zynga, the law suit seems like a minuscule issue. Advertisers still want to come to Zynga thanks to the 250 million user base that Zynga boasts off, or in other words Mass Reach.


Zynga ties-up with SVNetwork

Zynga has for long been an advertiser’s haven. But now, it has taken advertising through its games even further by tying up with SVNetwork. Through this tie-up, advertisements are now ‘engagement ads’. We are not just talking about rich media or video ads, these are ads that pays the consumer! In terms of a regular rich media or video ad, the ad is played if the consumer clicks or rolls over the ad. In the case of these ‘engagement ads’ by Zynga and SVNetwork, the consumer gets some coins or cash to play games on Zynga for simply watching an ad.

Zynga In-Game Rewards

From a consumers point of view

A gamer would have no qualms in spending a couple of mins to watching a couple of ads to get coins so that he can play more. Apart from the remuneration, the players also enjoy the engagament videos as compared to regular ads and thus the brand recollection automatically increases. Here, again, I would like to bring into the picture the 250 million number. Why would advertisers not want a piece of this pie?

Bidding for ad spaces

Currently, such engagement videos go for around $0.60 to $1.60. However, Zynga plans to auction out such ads so that advertisers can bid on engagement with their targeted audience. With the advent of bidding, an advertiser will have the control to choose where he wants his ads placed which increases the purpose of the brand’s advertisements.

Zynga has taken a huge step in digital advertising. Any Indian gaming companies following lead?

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