Saturday, December 11, 2010

First look: SlideRocket goes HTML5

You probably know that I wish the world would move off of MIcrosoft PowerPoint. It is definitely the king of presentation software, but there are a raft of tools that are better now, especially if you look at SlideRocket and Prezi. I previously did a video with Prezi’s CEO, but I’ll admit that Prezi is a bit weird for someone coming from PowerPoint. Read that as “hard to learn.” Why? Because it uses a totally different metaphor than slides for doing presentations. You should watch the video I did with Prezi to see what I mean.

But there’s another tool out there that has a lot of advantages over PowerPoint: SlideRocket. Why? Because its system is totally web based, which brings lots of good things to teams that need to collaborate together on presentations (PowerPoint really falls apart if you want to make sure that slides copied out of one presentation are kept up to date in all other presentations, for instance).

Anyway, tonight, they are announcing that SlideRocket is moving to HTML5, so you can play presentations on an iPad, for instance (previous versions were Flash-based). See the new features and how far SlideRocket has come.

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