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Sculpture Female Nudes Embracing 15 – Finance Tower Brussels

Sculpture Female Nudes Embracing 15 – Finance Tower Brussels

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This bold sculpture of larger-than-life embracing female nudes, is right in the heart of Brussels, Belgium, in front of the Finance Tower (Tour des Finances – Financiëntoren) building, directly across from the old city centre gardens known as Botanique – Kruidtuin. (Brussels is bi-lingual French and Dutch, so place names are in both languages here.) The Finance Tower, at 145 metres high, is said to be the second tallest building in Brussels, topped only by the South Tower (Tour du Midi – Zuidtoren) at 150 metres high.

In individualistic Belgian fashion, this is rather an evocative and erotically-themed sculpture for the front of a major financial centre building, which houses Belgian government financial bureaus as well as offices of commercial enterprises.

Of the two women in the sculpture, one is more classically feminine in appearance with longer hair, the other is more boyish-looking with a shorter hairstyle, though one quickly sees she also has unmistakably female breasts. The pose is enigmatic, with the shorter-haired woman firmly grasping the wrist of the longer-haired woman behind her back, almost wrestling her into submission, while both women look away from each other despite being nude and intimate.

At the base of the sculpture, a nameplate identifies the creator of this bronze sculpture as the ‘Fonderia D’Arte De Andreis, Milano’ (Milan, Italy). And an engraved inscription – a bit hard to read – gives a name that appears to be ‘Nat Helligan’, and the apparent dates 1952-1984.

These are photos from the daily life of writer, journalist and political refugee from the US, Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs. These Flickr photos document my new beloved home city of Brussels, Belgium, my life among the people and Kingdom who have given me safety in the face of the threats to destroy me. Brussels has a noble history of providing a safe haven to dissident refugee writers, such as Victor Hugo, Karl Marx, Charles Baudelaire, and Alexandre Dumas, and I shall forever be grateful that Brussels and Belgium have helped to protect my own life as well. I’m happy to help convey to the world some of Brussels’ wonderful cultural heritage.

(To read about the efforts to silence me and my journalism, the attacks on me, the smear campaigns against me and the threats, see the website by European journalists ‘About Les Sachs’ linked in my Flickr profile, and press articles such as ‘Two EU Writers Under Threat of Murder: Roberto Saviano and Dr Les Sachs’.)

The address of the Finance Tower (Tour des Finances – Financiëntoren) building is number 50, boulevard du Jardin Botanique – Kruidtuinlaan (once again, names in both French and Dutch). It is near the intersection of the Rue Royale – Koningstraat, and thus right by the Botanique – Kruidtuin métro station along métro lines 2 and 6. Trams 92 and 94 stop here as well. The Finance Tower and this sculpture, are also a short walk (or one métro stop) away from the popular shopping areas at Place Rogier – Rogierplein, and the City2 shopping centre at the end of rue Neuve – Nieuwstraat, and also within a few hundred metres of the Gare du Nord – Noordstation Brussels north railway station.

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