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Tim Burton is co-writing a new story with his Twitter followers

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Tim Burton is asking the Twitterverse to collaborate on a new story featuring his beloved character Stainboy.

His first tweet:

“Stainboy, using his obvious expertise, was called in to investigate mysterious glowing goo on the gallery floor #BurtonStory.”

Twittering Burton fans can post their own follow-up narrative, according to the last selected Tweet, by including the hash-tag #BurtonStory.

There are two rules to Burton’s version of the age-old game, exquisite corpse: Tweet as often as you like and keep it clean. The final short story will be published on December 6th.

Here’s how the story reads so far:

Burton’s entry: Stainboy, using his obvious expertise, was called in to investigate mysterious glowing goo on the gallery floor #BurtonStory

2 He felt his heart pounding hard against his ribs. As he bent down, he saw his own reflection on the surface of the puddle. #BurtonStory
3 Withholding his breath, he lightly poked the surface of the puddle. The surface shifted strangely, slowly spinning into action. #BurtonStory
4 Stainboy took a step back as the goo continued to spin faster and faster. A sharp cold wind whipped round the room. #BurtonStory
5 The chandelier swung, the art on the walls shook against the walls, and the goo began to take form. #BurtonStory
6 Slowly beginning to encircle Stainboy, the gelatinous mountain of goo looked almost familiar. #BurtonStory
7 Stainboy’s eyes narrowed as he tentatively lifted his hand towards the goo, allowing it to hover inches from the surface. #BurtonStory
8 Suddenly the goo sprang up, covering his hand. Stainboy tried to pull away but the harder he fought, the stronger it got. #BurtonStory
9 The goo pulled him closer and closer. He suddenly realized why the goo looked strangely familiar. #BurtonStory
10 But how did the goo end up on the gallery floor? And more importantly, why? #BurtonStory
11 It clung tightly to him, he could feel the chill of the gelatinous goo creep up his arm, true to his nature he did not panic. #BurtonStory
12 A plan was what he needed. Stainboy had always been the curious type, but right now, he had no desire to wait and see. #BurtonStory
13 As the goo continued to engulf his body, Stainboy noticed the chandelier, now swinging furiously. Could he reach it? #BurtonStory
14 Stainboy reached up as high as his arm would allow, the goo keeping him just inches out of reach of the chandelier #BurtonStory

I tried several times to add my two cents but Twitter wouldn’t connect, so I’ll just give you readers a taste of my poetic skill.

Suddenly the goo spoke! She whispered softly, stop Stainboy, give me a chance, it’s me, I just want to dance #BurtonStory

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