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What self improvement/training materials do top salespeople REALLY rate?

Question by karnautrahl: What self improvement/training materials do top salespeople REALLY rate?
I’m about to enter a new career in sales and I have a huge collection of all kinds of motivation/self improvement and sales/negotiation training materials. Audio, video and books.

However, in the *real* world, what have people found to be highly useful and workable? If you are a high achiever sales/negotiation wise-what if any would you recommend to a newcomer?

I’m looking at business to business telesales as a starting point and hope to add face to face relationship building as I progress.

At the moment I’ve a list of authors a mile long and I’ve listened to a fair amount.However having not field tested it all, I could be in fantasy land as to would work :-) .

Thank you in advance for any assistance. UK based
I do like Frank Bettger’s book. I acquired this off an old business pal of mine. Charming and sounds realistic. Dale Carnegie is another I do like.

The other recommendations are appreciated as I hadn’t yet seen them. Thank you.
Thank you Ken. John Maxwell I hadn’t come across either so far.

Covey, I have his audio which I listened to twice a couple of weeks ago whilst doing a fairly long hands on job. I have his book, that I’m using to revise what I heard :-) .

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Answer by the griffin
Here’s my Top Five:

“How I raised myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by
Frank Bettger
“How to have Confidence and Power when dealing with People” by Les Geblin
“How to win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie
“Personality Plus” by Florence Littauer
“The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz

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