Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can Mozilla save us & the web from the trunk? Again?

At LeWeb last week I asked Mitchell Baker, chairperson for Mozilla, whether she can save the web. Again. The talk is now up now and at about 3:15 into the interview she showed off a really compelling HTML 5 demo.

But while she put a brave face forward, Mozilla is seeing competition it’s never seen in its short life (and so is the web). Google Chrome is taking market share on one side. New social browsers like RockMelt and Flock are ready to satisfy a new customer need. But the real attacks are from mobile and iPads, which either don’t allow Firefox to run, or make it hard for people to use alternative browsers to their own built-in web.

I laid out how this new future does have dangers. So, now, it’s up to us.

Is there a future for the Web? For Mozilla? Or are we all going to crawl into Steve Jobs (or Steve Ballmer’s, or Eric Schmidt’s trunks?)

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