Wednesday, February 16, 2011

‘Season of the Witch’ & ‘The Rite’ TV Spots

The Rite TV spots

Witches, demons, Nicolas Cage, oh my! Horror is the name of the game this week as Mr. Cage’s long-delayed Season of the Witch finally hits theaters. Anthony Hopkins will round out the month’s collection of horror (and horrible) movies by appearing in the exorcism tale, The Rite.

Several TV spots have been released for both films, which feature (among other things) milky-eyed monsters and humans, rat-eating corpses, women who spit out nails, and men looking on in concern at this highly unorthodox behavior.

Season of the Witch stars Cage as Behmen, a Crusader who must transport a mysterious girl (Claire Foy) to a monastery where she will have her supposed sorceress powers removed -- assuming that she is a witch and not something far more dangerous (*dramatic clap of thunder*). Those who have already watched either the most recent trailer and/or clips from Season of the Witch likely understand why this cheesy supernatural thriller is being sprung on moviegoers at the beginning of January.

Cage is generally entertaining to watch, even when he’s not wearing a floppy wig while doing battle with winged creatures and girls seemingly possessed by dark, sinister forces. Season of the Witch looks pretty silly, what with its fake-looking CGI wolves and standard slo-mo battle sequences, but it could make for a fun if fleeting few hours at the cinema this weekend.

Check out the Season of the Witch TV spots below and see what you think (kudos if you don’t tire of hearing Ron Pearlman ask “What madness is this?” by the end):

Colin O’Donaghue stars as seminary student Michael Kovak in 1408 director Mikael Hafstrom’s upcoming exorcism thriller, The Rite. Kovak is a skeptic forced to attend exorcism school at the Vatican, where he encounters the eccentric Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins), a man perhaps a bit too well versed in waging battle with the devil’s minions.

Neither the first theatrical preview or the second trailer for The Rite made it look like anything but a run of the mill exorcism story, complete with clichés that include seemingly possessed young women, a priest literally battling for his soul, and dramatic cuts/flashes of people with unnatural eye colors. The film itself might offer something more, but we have strong doubts about that.

Watch TV spots for The Rite below:

Season of the Witch arrives in theaters this Friday, January 7th.

The Rite hits theaters in the U.S. on January 28th, 2011.

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