Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Star Monster – Episode Four The Collectible Signature Series

Star Monster – Episode Four The Collectible Signature Series

There was a tear in her large blue eye. The full figured woman in a black leather spacesuit was the female wizard from Teon named Elkry. She was paralyzed unable to move after being struck by some fantastic beam of power. Within the dark green shadows of a faintly lit fighter dock on the Krillan Transport, Eric Hart in his silvery cosmic spacesuit had been battling the curvaceous woman. Parked just behind him was the white teardrop shape of the starship Voyan. He stared up ahead to the shadows at the end of the dock.
Out of the deep shadows stepped a huge figure that had metal framework for legs. Two green orbs on a hairy face squinted. A matted moustache moved, its gaping mouth opened wide and the warlock spoke.
“Ah, it’s the human in his silvery spacesuit, a silver knight, eh? Do you remember this monstrous form?”

Price: $ 5


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