Thursday, October 28, 2010

AOL’s Mapquest Comes To India – Our Review

We use the India product and here is our take on the same:

What we liked?

Cross section of maps and local search

The wow factor for us was the fact that once we zoomed in max on a particular location and then used the local search tabs to find restaurants in and around the place it was very effective.

Good intuitive UI

The UI is intuitive though still light of several features and that also makes the map faster to load.

What can improve?

Data Is Weak

The data of restaurants though interesting the other data on bars, petrol pumps etc is weak at best. And its quite understandable as the map is built via crowdsourced data submitted by users.

No Reviews

The places shown have no option for users to give their review and hence there are zero reviews. This is a dampener as this could have been of great value.

Our final take

The product seems to lose the plot for us as it doesn’t do a single thing that is great. Most of the features are half baked and so is the data. Ideally a map based local search & reviews site is something that might have broken the ice for us. Nonetheless we hope the product evolves with time.

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