Thursday, October 28, 2010

Facebook App Developers Zynga Sued – Farmville Has 9 Lakh Indian Users

The law suit blames Zynga for violating the privacy rights of individuals and seeks damages on their behalf. Facebook had claimed that it was a technical issue with the browsers that caused the leak of information. Zynga too defended itself by saying that the allegations were baseless. But with evidence pointing towards Zynga being at fault, the claim seems a valid one. But the more worrying part is, what about all the personal information that was sent out?

India unfazed

Indians seem to be least bothered about their information being sent out as a recent report by Vizisense has brought to light that India has over 9 lakh users accessing Famville, one of the more popular Facebook applications by Zynga.

The survey was made on 5,500 internet users out of a pool of 100,000 who were online constantly from January through July 2010. From analyzing these users over the 7 month period, Vizisense concluded that 35 lakh Facebook users in India accessed Facebook applications out of which 9 lakh accessed Farmville. These 9 lakh users were further categorized according to gender with 7 lakh being males and 2 lakh females.

The problem

Social networking has moved into online games as well. Games like Farmville are places where you interact with friends or other application users. Farmville was found to be leaking out information of a user’s friend list as well. What this means is that even if you are an anti-Farmville person, probability is your information has been sent out as well along with your friend who actually uses the application.

Facebook introduces new security measures

Admist all the speculation of security, Facebook has been trying to make the user feel safe. Taking another step towards this goal, Facebook has introduced two new security features in one-time passwords and remote logout. Somewhat inspired from Gmail’s Mobile Code, through one-time password, you can send an SMS to receive a temporary password that is valid for 20 mintues. Remote logout allows you to logout remotely if you have forgotten to logout from a machine. As useful as these sound, especially for cyber cafe visiting India, experts believe that this will still not stop malware from keeping tabs on your online activities.

Facebook needs to make some major inroads to make users safe. Such law suits are certainly not helping their cause one bit. Do you feel safe on Facebook?

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