Wednesday, November 10, 2010 – An Online IT Lifecycle Management Tool is an online IT Lifecycle Management tool. It is a live system that allows students to actively contribute to ongoing projects in companies. This service is based on three simple words: Share, Collaborate and Succeed.



Need Gap Addressed: An opportunity for students to work on live projects under mentorship of industry experts. Companies would have to spend lesser time and money on employees joining their company fresh out of college.

So, how does this service work: A simple registration form helps students and companies to set up accounts. Companies use these accounts to create projects and publish them online, or seek help with research and development work or with prototype projects. Students apply for these projects and work in teams under a mentor. They can also use their accounts to host their own projects online.

Target Market Segment: The targeted audience includes – Entrepreneurs and small businesses; artists, designers and architects; Companies managing outsourced work and students.

Features Offered: A unique feature is the ability to store Wiki and Tickets in SVN as well. Hence users can backup entire projects data by backing up the SVN repository. Some other features include:

WikiUser and Project DashboardCalendarSSLMultiple projects in an account. No restriction on number of Projects. Each project gets its own SVN repository, Tickets, Milestones and Wiki

Pricing: The website offers 5 paid plans in addition to a very basic free plan. The price range for paid plans range from $9 to $99 monthly. The plans differ on the basis of number of users, projects allowed and the storage space offered. The site also offers 30 days free trial on all paid plans.


It’s a well thought out and well executed service offering. The identified need gap is a genuine one. Considering the huge gap in the education provided to students in engineering colleges and the real world scenarios/projects faced by companies in which the students later work, this service can go a long way in providing the necessary exposure to students and in turn cut down the training costs for companies.

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