Saturday, November 20, 2010

Facebook’s Friendship Pages Let You Rediscover Your Friendship

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This is great to find out all the times, good or bad, you spent with a friend via Facebook. You have to understand that through this you are not just reliving the comments or updates made on Facebook, but reliving your life through photos and events. Friendship page is bound to give a nostalgic feeling to many.


I may be nitpicking here but this is an interesting comment I found on Friendship Pages. Quote: “Imagine a funeral where those at the wake bring a printed friendship page for the deceased’s kids. Horror story – a wedding where the same happens w/ “not appropriate for Gramma” pics.”. Crossing my fingers and hoping my friends are smart enough.

Editor’s Note : The new feature has some serious implications on Privacy. Facebook’s checkered past with the P-word continues as Friendship Pages potentially allow either party’s ‘Facebook friends’ to look at their story. It’s one thing to look back over your own interactions with someone and quite another to have a snoop going through them. Your Privacy settings become all the more important – ‘Friends only’ is the way to go.

What is your take on Friendship Pages?

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