Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Twitter narrowly beats out munchable chili oil in survey of products hot in Japan

In a new survey conducted by Japan ad agency Dentsu, smartphones and Twitter beat out ‘munchable chili oil’ for the ‘Hit Product Recognition Survey’ in Japan in 2010.

The iPad was no match for munchable chili oil, however, finishing 19th in the survey to munchable chili oil’s #3 spot, following smartphones at #1 and Twitter at #2.

Munchable chili oil (we just can’t stop saying that, it’s so hot!) wasn’t the only let’s say “only-in-Japan” result in the top ten, with LED light bulbs at #10, the Toyko Sky Tree (a still being built broadcasting tower) at #7 and Ryoma Sakamoto, a historical figure in a popular Samurai drama.

Some more understandable (outside of Japan) results were flat-screen TVs and the World Cup. Here’s the full list:

SmartphonesTwitterMunchable chili oilDigital flat-panel TVsRyoma SakamotoInternational flight services at Haneda AirportTokyo Sky Tree towerEnergy-saving appliances (that were eligible for a government rebate)The World CupLED light bulbs


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