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Google said that the key of computing technology lies in the cell phone application

Google said that the key of computing technology lies in the cell phone application

Google said that the key of computing technology lies in the cell phone application

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Home Page > Marketing > Press Releases > Google said that the key of computing technology lies in the cell phone application

Google said that the key of computing technology lies in the cell phone application

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Posted: Jul 06, 2010 |Comments: 0


The latest news from overseas media, the Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, summit in 2010 – Activate, insisted that the electronic products are leading the brand-new fashion, and become the mainstream of people getting news, cell phones have become the key technology development, the world many top field opening and development teams were sent in the cell phone platform development work. But the key is, the developer in application development, as a first consideration of the cell platform, and then we will consider the Windows and apple Mac platform etc.

The Eric Schmidt said the development trend of the computing technology including computing clouds, networking and cell Internet and cell Internet growth compared with our real life is more closely, so every large manufacturer will focus on cell phone Internet. At Google in cell Internet domain has its own unique advantages, and by increasing the Android smartphone equipment in this advantage.

The Eric Schmidt thinks that many enterprises in the technology industry are actually is the destruction of their causes, the enterprise is always the same mistake, and committed to innovation, is not willing to turn a blind eye to the things for innovation and development and must take risks, thus finally unable to adapt to the development of technology and eventually ruin.

The Eric Schmidt, said without ineffable that Google now also has some problems, including the contents, and service homogeneity is the biggest problem, more and more companies entering the field at Google andbring some not small impact, although Google is at the leading position, if not active in technology and services on innovation, then may also have to perish from the way, but now, the possibility is still small, because the Google itself pays much attention to innovation.

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