Saturday, October 30, 2010

Online Couponing – The Rising Star For E-Commerce?

According to report released by Jasper Infotech – The company behind Snapdeal over 60% of the buyers buying the deals from their site are just about 25 years old. This means the young executive is using his credit card to avail of deals and save money. As most deals on such sites are lifestyle related be it a spa or a restaurant voucher there is no risk of actually getting a bad product or delay in delivery. The report currently pegs the Industry size to a meagre 25 crore but predicts huge potential for the business. 80% of the business currently comes from Metros and Tier I cities and given the nature of deals it is bound to penetrate to tier 2 cities as the players expand their deals to these cities.

Topmost bought services include Food & Dining, Health & Beauty services & Weekend getaways.

Opportunity Is In Mobile?

For such a model to scale one needs to figure out a way to reach a larger audience and the non-credit/debit card using audience as well. One of the ways could be sms wherein a user subscribes to an sms push and when he does get a message all he needs to do to buy the deal is reply yes in return and an auto debit is done on his mobile bill. Yes such a model would come in purview of RBI payments regulations and for sure the mobile operators would take a hefty cut from business but all these issues aside the mobile is one that is bound to work and scale this business to the next level.

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