Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rediff Takes Another Mobile Step – Launches Rediffmail NG – Mobile Email

Rediff has taken this a step further now by launching a paid mobile email application called Rediffmail NG. Rediffmail NG claims to work across almost all mobile phone platforms including Symbian, Java, and Android, as well as on almost all mobile phones in the market including all entry level phones which cost as little as Rs 1,500. Rediffmail NG also offers phone to PC synchronization.

Speaking about the new product launch Mr.Ajit Balakrishnan said “Our approach in this product design has been inspired by the Tata Nano , which has made it possible for millions of people to aspire to own a car,”.

How to get Rediffmail NG on your mobile?

You need to have a rediffmail id and log on to your account and click on the mobile or sms tab for purchasing Rediffmail NG. Yes its a paid application which costs 50 rupees a month and currently Rediff  offers Free GPRS for Airtel and MTNL Delhi users. The other option is to download the app via sms by sending the word ‘mail’ to 57333 whereby users will be guided to the enrollment page or connected to a local Rediff representative.

Tier 2 Capture via Mobile Phones? has bet its money on the fact that Tier 2 cities and below in India will have its major interaction with the web via mobile. This is its way of penetrating early into this market as they are still users of rediffmail online. The only issue I see is the charge of 50 rupees a month. This is a big challenge as email since its growth with hotmail has always been a free service. It would surely reduce adoption at the very outset. Maybe a year later it will be interesting to see how this new product fares for rediff. My take is slow growth.

Note: Rediff had earlier in 2008 also announced Mobile rediff that enabled mail then as well. Not sure if the same has been phased out now or still exists for users.

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